New Features in Ozone 5

New Features in Ozone 5

If you’re moving up from Ozone 4 to Ozone 5, we thank you for your continued support! Here are some changes and new features that you’ll find in Ozone 5!
New Intelligent Workflow
Updated Interface
Ozone has been redesigned with a larger interface to make even more controls accessible on the front of the plug-in. Multibands are now color-coded with interface highlight colors that reflect the band you are currently viewing and/or adjusting a control for. The dynamics module now features a Show All Bands mode from which you can view and adjust all relevant settings for every dynamics stage of every band in one simple window. These updates allow for a more seamless workflow when performing multiband processing and streamline tasks that can be arduous in other plug-ins.
Module Presets
Ozone 5 has been updated with the added functionality to load and save presets for individual modules. You may apply settings to one module then mix and match presets from different modules to better address the needs of your mix.
New Intelligent Module Amount Controls
Ozone 5 now allows you to dynamically alter the settings of a module with configurable amount controls. This allows you to intelligently tweak the global settings of each individual module at any time from Ozone’s main interface.
Meter Bridge and Meter Taps
Ozone 5 Advanced’s powerful new Meter Bridge provides a full suite of audio analysis tools, perfect for visualizing changes made during the mastering process, troubleshooting problematic mixes, and comparing your mixes to reference tracks. Included Meter Tap plug-ins allow you to route audio streams from anywhere in your mix and compare them with the output of Ozone.
Component Plug-ins
Ozone 5 Advanced includes individual component plug-ins of each module in Ozone. Now you can selectively load individual modules into your session, each with their own dedicated module preset system.
New Processing Innovations
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IRC™ Loudness Maximizer/ Intelligent III Mode
Ozone 5 includes a new processing mode in the Loudness Maximizer called “Intelligent III”. This mode is optimized to preserve transients, so they sound sharper and clearer in the output signal, even when aggressive limiting is taking place. The new Intelligent III Loudness Maximizer mode listens to incoming audio to determine how much limiting can take place before any detectable distortion occurs. Try this on your mixes and hear the difference.
Harmonic Exciter/ Triode Modes
We have updated the Harmonic Exciter to include new “Triode” modes. The Triode modes are modeled after tube circuits add the warm sound of a vintage preamplifier on up to four frequency bands, producing subtle dynamic and distortion effects.
Upward Dynamics processing and Soft Knee Compression
We have updated the Dynamics module to allow for ratios less than 1:1 at the gate, compressor, and limiter stage. This allows you to perform upward compression and upward expansion on your mix, giving you enhanced control of dynamic range. Additionally, we’ve added Soft Knee Compression to Ozone and Variable Knee Compression to Ozone 5 Advanced. Both allow you to perform more subtle and transparent compression on your mix.
Enhanced Hybrid Reverb module
New reverb processor utilizes both convolution technology to provide accurate early reflections of real acoustic spaces as well as algorithmic technology to give you greater control of your reverb’s late tails. Together the two technologies give you enhanced control to fine tune the reverb to your mix. Add subtle “room tone” without an obvious reverb effect or thicken a mix with longer reverb decay tim

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