Lirik RINGGO 5 – Fool 4 You

Lyrics for ‘Fool 4 You’ by RINGGO 5

[Verse 1: Robert Matthew]
Your boyfriend is popular
I’m just another loser
A sad unwanted failure

[Rhein Michael]
Yeezy, Gucci, Ferrari
I can’t even pay a taxi
Oh what a shame to be me

[Reff: All]
Am I a fool? Yeah fool for you
Baby I’m a fool for you
Yeah I’m just another loser
But baby I love you full
I love you full, so leave your boyfriend come to me that’d be cool, yeah baby that’d be cool

[Verse 2: Nara Pawaka]
I wish I was your boyfriend
I love you til’ the world ends
You deserved a gentleman

He broke your heart many times
You stole my heart like it’s a crime
Do I have to make this rhyme?


[Bridge: Rishad Marciano]
Don’t you know he’s no good
For a girl like you
You should know he hooked up with somebody new
Don’t you know, that I’m here waiting for someone like you.

[Dennis Ferdinand]
Alright guys, lets sing this one for her
On my count
One Two
One Two Three


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