AEA304-Agricultural Marketing and PriceSEPTEMBER 2020_1(NOUN)

 Instruction: Answer compulsory question one (1) (30 marks) and any other four (4) Questions (10marks each). 

1(a) How would you establish with five (5) instances that there is existing relationships between marketing and production? (7 1 /2marks) (b) Discuss five (5) services available to international business man in EPZ. (7 1 /2marks) (c) How would you justify using five (5) reasons each the meaning of: (i) Exchange commodity market. (7 1 /2marks) (ii) Spot market. (7 1 /2marks) 

2a). How would you establish using five (5) reasons that agricultural marketing evolved from a series of exchange systems? (5marks) (b) Appraise using five (5) instances the meaning of agricultural marketing. (5marks). 

3(a) The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) is faced with a number of the problems in the Nigerian financial sector. Itemize these problems using five (5) instances. (5marks). (b) How would you establish using five instances the history of commodity exchange in Nigeria? (5marks) 

4a). The International trade is underlined by certain assumptions. Itemize these underlying assumptions using five (5) cases. (5marks). b. How can you explain what parity price is all about using five (5) instances? (5marks) 

5. Mention and discuss the two important types of agricultural price variations. (10marks) 6(a).What factors affect the supply of agricultural commodities in Nigeria? (6marks) (b) What does elasticity of demand for food mean? (5marks) 

7. There are certain inherent characteristics of farm products which make special demand on marketing systems and organizations. Analyze the attributes. (10marks) .


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